CEO and Co-Owner
ForgeFX Simulations


Greg Meyers is the CEO and Co-Founder of ForgeFX Simulations, a 3D training simulation software development company based in San Francisco, CA. ForgeFX is a leader in the development of interactive 3D training software for a number of industries including mining, construction, defense, manufacturing, drilling, education, healthcare and insurance.

Greg Meyers


ForgeFX Simulations

CEO and Co-Founder

2002 - Present

Responsible for all company operations including the management of departments heads, new business development, developing the company's strategic plan, contributing to the marketing of the company, ensuring that the capabilities and capacities match the company's needs, and helping to drive the company's long-term vision.


Senior Technical Specialist


Collaborated with the company's business and development units on the creation of rich media application development as a new client offering to compliment current Sapient software solutions. Managed successful integration of new technical specialists and programmers, due to corporate acquisitions, into company-wide technology projects. 

Human Code

Director of Technology

2000 - 2001

Responsible for management of the internet programming department, participated in developing the studio's strategic plan with a focus on internet application engineering, responsible for building relationships with client technology stakeholders and working with them to build technology solutions that were in line with their business goals.

Red Sky Interactive

Technical Lead and Programmer

1996 - 2000

Developed enterprise web applications and managed development teams for award winning internet software applications. Broke ground with cutting-edge and bleeding-edge internet technologies to create online multimedia applications for early online corporate adopters to pop, web sites, video games, marketing campaigns .

Smoking Car Productions

Production Engineer

1995 - 1996

Worked on the Broderbund Title: The Last Express. A Jordan Mechner game, author of the Prince of Persia series. Contributed as an asset wrangler, production artist, quality assurance tester, unit tester, and helped to improve production efficiency within the studio.

Sega of America

Quality Assurance Engineer

1994 - 1995

Wrote and reviewed technical and performance specifications for Sega game titles, executed test plans, analysis of test data, identification and reporting of software defects and tracking their status towards a successful resolution and defect-free product.

Latest Professional Projects

ForgeFX Demo Reel

for ForgeFX Simulations


ForgeFX Simulations is a 3D job-training simulation software development company based in San Francisco, California. We provide custom application development services for clients looking to create interactive training simulator applications, using high-fidelity 3D graphics for AR, VR or traditional flat screen devices. Our clients compete in the aerospace, transportation, construction, healthcare, education, mining and pharmaceutical industries.
ForgeFX Simulations Demo Reel 2019

Aerial Work Platfom Immersive Simulator

for JLG Industries


The JLG equipment simulator provides VR-based training for operators of all skill levels, teaching everything from controls familiarization, to machine operation, to advanced spatial awareness challenges. Featuring 6 degrees of freedom VR, hand tracking, real-world controls integration, and networked multi-user cooperative training support, the simulator delivers an unparalleled immersive training experience.
Aerial Work Platform Training Simulator

Underground Mining Loader Training Simulator

for Komatsu Mining


The 18HD virtual training simulator allows operators to train on just about every aspect of the loader's operation. The simulator covers everything from equipment controls familiarization, to full machine operation training, to specific underground mining spatial relations challenges.The Joy 18HD virtual training simulator includes a mixed-reality help visualization system, that gives operators additional visual information about their virtual equipment and environment, in real-time.
Underground Mining Loader Training Simulator

Aerial Work Platform Training Simulator

for JLG Industries


The JLG Equipment Simulator helps operators to quickly and safely become comfortable and gain proficiency with the equipment controls, allowing them to be better, faster, and safer operators in the real world. ForgeFX leveraged our experience and technical skills to produce a training simulator for JLG that is available across a collection of platforms and devices, including iPad, Windows and a browser-based version, allowing operators to easily access the training material wherever they are.
Aerial Work Platform Training Simulator

Wheel Loader Training Simulator

for Joy Global Surface Mining


This wheel loader simulator was developed for Joy Global's P&H brand LeTourneau 2350 front-end loader, the largest rubber tired loader in the world, with a standard operating capacity of 160,000 lbs. and 53 yd³ bucket. This training simulator teaches people how to operate real-world loaders, improving operator efficiency, reducing training costs and associated equipment damage, and increasing revenue by maximizing an operation's efficiency.
Wheel Loader Training Simulator

Safety Training Simulation

for California State Compensation Insurance Fund


This 3D simulation-based game immerses players in specific industrial workplace environments, where their knowledge of hazards, and the necessary safety precautions used to avoid them, are put to the test. The game provides simple, fun, and challenging tasks that motivate the player to complete the level as safely as possible. By simulating virtual environments that are similar to the real-world, players are able to take the lessons learned in the virtual environment with them into the real-world.
Industrial Safety Training Simulation

Blasthole Drill Training Simulator

for Joy Global Surface Mining


Developed for Joy Global, The blasthole drill training simulator increases a company's bottom line by producing an extremely well-trained workforce. Operators become experts at the controls of blasthole drills, allowing them to perform their jobs faster, safer, and more efficiently.
Blasthole Drill Training Simulator

Shovel Operator Training Simulator

for Joy Global Surface Mining


Developed for Joy Global, this training simulator allows operators to train on a virtual P&H Mining 4100XPC electric rope shovel. The simulator allows operators to master the controls of the equipment, as well as the spatial relations challenges posed by the mining environment, before they ever step foot in a mine site.
Mining Shovel Training Simulator

Military Training Simulator

for Dynamic Defense Materials


This interactive 3D assembly training simulator was developed by ForgeFX for Dynamic Defense Materials, and their portable armored wall system named McCurdy's Armor. The software allows soldiers to prepare for the assembly of armor, a mission critical combat component, in a safe and risk-free virtual environment, reducing risk to human life.
Armor Assembly Training Simulator

Pig Farm Training Simulator

Developed for Pfizer Animal Health


Pfizer Animal Health partnered with Carthage Veterinary Services and ForgeFX to develop the Pfizer Virtual Pork Production Simulation, named Virtual Walking the Pens. Pfizer Animal Health’s dedication to the health and wellness of animals, and a commitment to research combine to help protect the health of farm animals and the productivity of livestock. The training and education taught by the simulator allows pork producers to help pigs stay healthy, resulting in a more profitable operation. This interactive 3D simulation allows users to work in a virtual farm, diagnosing and treating pigs at the first sign of disease, which is the key to a successful pork production business.
Pig Farm Training Simulator

Aircraft Deicing Training Simulator

Developed for Global Ground Support


The Global Ground Support aircraft deicing simulator was developed for airport ground support equipment operators. This simulator gives Global's customers a tool to conduct simulation-based training, allowing operators to train for the deicing process year-round. They are able to become skilled with the equipment controls without having to use expensive real-world materials and risk damage to expensive aircraft.
Aircraft Deicing Training Simulator

Immersive Learning Software

Developed for Pearson Prentice Hall

2003 - Present

Pearson Prentice Hall is the leading publisher of standards-based instruction materials for 6-12 grade classrooms. Since 2003 ForgeFX has been developing immersive learning simulations and eLearning software for Pearson Prentice Hall's Science, World Languages, and Social Studies programs. By creating exceptional educational tools that keep students engaged with virtual hands-on experiences, ensures their success in mastering the subject material and concepts being taught.
Immersive Learning Simulations

Interactive Village Simulator

Developed for Heifer International


Heifer International, Beaconfire, and ForgeFX collaborated to build a serious game that teaches players about poverty and hunger. The game is called Heifer Village: Nepal, and its goal is to simulate the challenges faced by those living in poverty and hunger, and to demonstrate some specific methods to address these issues. Ideally, a player will walk away from the game with a desire to contribute towards solutions in real world villages (i.e. donations or other direct actions).
Virtual Village Training Simulator

Greg Meyers — — (415) 788-5725